Friday, October 14, 2011

Male pen drawing

I did this today at lunch. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but that's how it usually goes anyway.  I used a Zebra F-301 ball point pen (probably the finest point it can go) in my Moleskine sketch book.  I like to use the finest points possible because if I make a mistake it's easier to cover up since the strokes are so thin they can be hidden by multiple darker strokes.

The sketch book is too small so there is no room to rest my hand. It's a good size to put in a purse or pocket, but not really ideal for comfortable drawing.

The proportions got away from me because I didn't use any construction lines.  I got caught up in the details too soon which I knew not to do, but I did it anyway.  Bad habits are hard to break.

I am going to try to draw more guys because I hardly ever draw them and I need to get better at it.  I tend to make them look feminine and I need to learn to emasculate them.  Practice, practice, practice!

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