Saturday, October 22, 2011

Portable Palette and Brush Pens

This is my favorite portable palette.  It's Winsor & Newton.  The colors work well on a Moleskine sketch book, better than Sakura Koi Watercolors. You can basically take this palette, a sketch book, pencil and this water brush pen out sketching and you're pretty much set.  Or draw in waterproof ink and paint over it with these paints.  Oh, and this palette comes with its own paintbrush if you need it.  Just use a paper cup for water and throw it away when you're done.  Less hassle.

I have larger palettes, but I like these colors better than the palettes that have more of a variety.  These colors seem to be richer and you get what you see moreso than other paints where you think you're getting a bright pink, but it's a light rose, or you think you're getting alizarin crimson, but it's a watered down version or you think you're getting a dark blue, but surprise!  It's purple.  What the...

Also shown here is a Pentel brush ink pen and the Japanese one I posted in my last entry.

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