Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things in my art bag

These are a few things I like to use: Naruto and Totoro pencil cases, Pentel ink brush pen, black Prismacolor pencil, black Micron .25 point pen, Naruto :o) pencil, blue col-erase pencil and Pentel brush thingy that holds water. 

I use that water brush thingy pretty often with watercolor paints.  It beats having to dip a brush in water all the time when I'm out and don't have water available.  I also use it to smear ink after I've drawn with the ink brush pen or other non-waterproof pen.  It cleans up easily, too.

Those water brush pens used to be hard to find, but I saw one in an art kit a couple of years ago.  The problem is, you have to buy the whole kit to get it.  I found this one at Kinokuniya bookstore in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  They carry them in different sizes and were fairly cheap.

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