Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspired by Kek

Today, I came across a blog by a French artist named Kek who just posts his funny comic strips. The drawings look simple, but the strip is so funny! His blog is one of the top blogs in France.

I thought, oh, I want to do the same thing! I want to draw really quickly and post funny stuff like he does. It will be so cool!

It got me excited about drawing again, so I went looking for my sketchbook and pens. I attempted to draw a simple figure with a circle for a head and two dots for eyes. Not bad, but not good either. I didn't know what to do with his hands and ended up royally messing up the drawing. To make things worse, I couldn't think of anything funny. It was very depressing. I totally suck at simple drawings.

In my search for my sketchbooks (I have many that I started, but never finished), I found a few cool art books that were sitting on my bookshelf. I will post a couple pics of some of that artwork I admire later.

I found a book called An Illustrated Life. It's a collection of illustrators' sketchbook pages. The artwork isn't really stuff to rave about because they are just sketchbook stuff, but I find that scratchy, written on, stained pages of drawings very charming and inspiring. I think I should really find time, maybe 15 min. per day, to draw like that in a sketchbook. I really like that shaky ink line look with haphazardly splattered-on watercolor. It's a style I'm not good at, but I've attempted it a few times and the outcome wasn't that bad.

I did a few drawings of my characters for the children's picture book I'm working on. My husband helped me get the drawings to be very simple, so I was practicing. I still need work, but if I do it in acrylic paint or gouache, I might get some interesting textures like in the Oh David books. I still like David Shannon's art style even though my husband says I draw way better. We'll see how my attempts go.

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