Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cretacolor Pencil

I tried out my new Cretacolor Monolith graphite stick in 9B. It's so smooth! Like drawing with butter! I like how it's so easy to get thick and thin lines without having to press so hard. I was able to hide the light preliminary lines by pressing harder to get the darker lines without switching tools. So, preliminary and final lines could be done with the same pencil. Some pencils don't get dark no matter how hard you press.
I'm not exactly happy with the drawing, but I do like the tool. I've used an HB graphite stick before and didn't like it.  :o(  Blechh. Too light.  B pencils used to smear a lot, but I guess I've gotten better at keeping my hand away from the paper. Maybe I've picked up some skills in the last few years. haha

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glow-In-The-Dark Ghost Pencil Holder & Sharpener

I found this at Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, CA. I'm an artist and love the paranormal, so I thought this was befitting. It's also a pencil sharpener. lol So, when I'm drawing late at night and see dark shadows moving in the doorway, I'll have my glow-in-the-dark ghost buddy to scare them away. haha!
Art Supply Warehouse is such an awesome art store. They even have pads of comic strip paper! I've never seen that before. There are so many cool art supplies out there now. I wish those were available when I was an art student.
I bought some vellum, marker paper, spray fixative, and conte pencils. So, I'm on my way to drawing like Enki Bilal! ;o) We'll see how that goes...

Friday, February 08, 2013

David Shannon (author of No, David!)

I just finished watching a set of short interviews with David Shannon. He's a writer and illustrator of children's picture books that I admire. You might know his book called No David! They are popular among young children.

As an artist, I found the interviews informative and inspiring. I am currently working on my own children's picture book, so hearing about his process helped me think about what I need to do and reinforced my thoughts that I'll be doing a lot of drawings before I get to the ones I'll stick with.

At first you might think that his style is somewhat naive, but if you look at it closely, he's actually a skilled draftsman and painter. He thinks about dynamic angles, composition, and colors that bring about a certain mood.

If you are interested in children's book illustration, you might find his interviews on the Scholastic site inspiring.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Sketchbook From Walser's

I bought this sketchbook about 10 years ago from Walser's in Torrance, CA. I have never seen this sketchbook anywhere but that store. There was a girl who gave a talk at one of my illustration classes and her artwork was awesome. She said she liked this type of sketchbook because it took to paint pretty well when she added it to her drawings.
The paper is thicker than the black bound sketcbooks, but not as thick and yellow as the Moleskine sketchbooks. The Moleskine sketchbooks have a sheen to the surface that doesn't take to watercolor very well.
I haven't done too many drawings in this sketchbook because I've been afraid to mess it up, but I decided to finally use it on a more regular basis. I did add some watercolor to one of my drawings and it turned out pretty nice. The paper didn't buckle and didn't get blotchy from water absorption. I didn't use that much paint, so the surface of the paper stayed flat and the colors remained rich.
Walser's is not a cheap art supply store, but I think this sketchbook is worth the price. I believe the store is still in Torrance. It was on Hawthorne, but they may have moved. They also have an online store, I think. I don't know if they still sell this sketchbook. It would be a shame if they didn't.

Illustration Friday - Wheel

I decided to do the shaky, scratchy line style this week. It never turns out the way I planned. I was going for more of a woodblock print style, but oh well. lol I guess it turned out cute enough.

Friday, February 01, 2013


I just joined Pinterest and it is awesome!! All my favorite artists are on my "board" and I've even discovered others artists whose work I admire. I can spend hours on there looking up and pinning artwork and photos to my board.

Not many people know of Anne Bachelier, but her work in on Pinterest! I was amazed! My own work is even up there. That was a surprise!

There are the most beautiful photographs of people, nature, animals, celebrities, models, etc. on there and even comic strip art. Basically, whatever image you can find on the internet can be added to Pinterest.

You can even add a button on your toolbar so you can add images from the internet onto Pinterest.

I added the app to my phone so I can browse through my favorite images and add new ones while I'm away from home. It's crazy.