Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cretacolor Pencil

I tried out my new Cretacolor Monolith graphite stick in 9B. It's so smooth! Like drawing with butter! I like how it's so easy to get thick and thin lines without having to press so hard. I was able to hide the light preliminary lines by pressing harder to get the darker lines without switching tools. So, preliminary and final lines could be done with the same pencil. Some pencils don't get dark no matter how hard you press.
I'm not exactly happy with the drawing, but I do like the tool. I've used an HB graphite stick before and didn't like it.  :o(  Blechh. Too light.  B pencils used to smear a lot, but I guess I've gotten better at keeping my hand away from the paper. Maybe I've picked up some skills in the last few years. haha

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