Friday, February 08, 2013

David Shannon (author of No, David!)

I just finished watching a set of short interviews with David Shannon. He's a writer and illustrator of children's picture books that I admire. You might know his book called No David! They are popular among young children.

As an artist, I found the interviews informative and inspiring. I am currently working on my own children's picture book, so hearing about his process helped me think about what I need to do and reinforced my thoughts that I'll be doing a lot of drawings before I get to the ones I'll stick with.

At first you might think that his style is somewhat naive, but if you look at it closely, he's actually a skilled draftsman and painter. He thinks about dynamic angles, composition, and colors that bring about a certain mood.

If you are interested in children's book illustration, you might find his interviews on the Scholastic site inspiring.

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