Thursday, February 20, 2014

Face-a-Day, Day 1, Girl With Danish Bonnet

I had this idea a while back to draw a face-a-day, but it didn't seem to work out the way I planned. Life got in the way.

I found a sketchbook from 2009 (!) that I started for this face-a-day idea. I did 14 drawings. It only lasted 2 weeks! :o(  *sob* Now that is sad, sad, sad! Considering that I can draw a face in like 5-10 min.

In 2010, I drew 22 faces. Slight improvement, but seven of them were very lame skulls. They look like deformed humans. Or aliens. Or some sort of neanderthal.

My sketchbook was looking pretty pathetic, so I had this idea to add banana stickers to it. I like banana stickers and always wondered why they were different each time.

Anyway, I have this urge to try to do the face-a-day thing again. Maybe with a banana sticker included. Or not. They will be about 5-10 min. long because that's about as much time I have to commit to it. :o/

The faces I would like to draw are girls with Danish, Swedish, German, French, or Finnish bonnets. Then guy and girl characters from books that were made into movies. Like Jace from The Mortal Instruments. If it doesn't turn out to look like him, though, I might not post it. lol 

So, here it is. Day 1. This is a 5 min. drawing of a girl with a Danish bonnet. It's totally not finished. Maybe I'll continue working on it for tomorrow's drawing. I don't know if that will count. Technically it would be a different drawing if it looks a lot different. I would like to add color to it if I have time.

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