Thursday, February 27, 2014

Face-a-Day, Girl in Scottish Beret

This drawing was done with a Disney princess pencil that one of my sons got in his Valentine's Day goodie bag at school. The eraser sucks, but the lead was decent. It's from the movie, Frozen, which we didn't see.

After so many years of drawing different styles, I think I finally found what I like to draw the best. It's the cartoony style seen in my Danish girl drawings and the more realistic style in my fashion model face drawings. This drawing looks like a cross between both styles.

Caricatures, full body fashion drawings, and super cartoony takes more time because I'm not as comfortable drawing them.

I would like to do full body drawings of cute ethnic kids in traditional clothing and sell them as prints. My friend goes to different venues to promote her business and has been encouraging me to get a booth to sell my artwork.

I am working on getting a sketchbook together to sell, but my Macbook Pro died. I had too many podcasts on there, it lost memory, the battery died, and the DVD drive broke, but that's beside the point. It had PhotoShop on it. Now I'm using a teeny tiny Acer laptop for writing, but it doesn't have Photoshop. I tried to arrange my artwork on pages in Word, but it just doesn't work. The images don't line up properly. My husband has Photoshop on his computer and said he will put my pages together when he has time. I just have to get the images organized. That will take a while. *groan*

My scanner is a Canoscan 4400F which I like, but the driver was on my Mac. I was taking pictures of my drawings with my iPhone and they were coming out dark and/or blurry. I finally decided to download the driver from the internet, so now it works on my Acer. BUT, since I don't have PhotoShop, the backgrounds are still are coming out too dark and the images are not as sharp.

So, that's why my images are a bit grey on the computer. (Yeah yeah, excuses excuses). It's really drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook, so the background is a sort of cream color. Did you know that cream color comes off when you erase on it? I was UNpleasantly surprised to find that out recently.

On an entirely different note, I learned and practiced a few judo moves in my Women's Self Defense class last night. It was so fun! The coach is an MMA fighter who teaches MMA to my kids. She was actually subbing the class, so we got special training aside from the normal palm strikes and kicking we do. I was surprised at how easy it was to throw someone much bigger and heavier than me. My gym teaches a lot of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but they are trying to add Judo to the mix. The kids learn all that as well as collegiate style wrestling already. Hopefully, my kids will be able to get a wrestling scholarship in the future. That will be a relief on our checkbook.

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