Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Face-a-Day, Jaime

Okay, so this is my second attempt at drawing the same guy and now he looks like a guy named Jaime that got on my nerves in junior high. Jaime would say stupid things that would make me mad. We were in cooking class together and he was part of my group. I think we had to make a salad and breadsticks or something like that and he didn't lift a finger to help. 

We were supposed to finish eating the whole thing before we left class. There was still a lot of salad left over and I made him eat it because he didn't help us at all. The rest of us left and he had to stay later to eat it all. I felt bad about that after my friend said, "You're really going to leave him there to eat it all by himself?" I still feel bad to this day. But, I'm also still angry at him for the things he was saying and doing to piss me off even though I don't remember what they were! Just looking at this drawing irks me, but it's my drawing for my face-a-day challenge so I had to post it or take time to draw another one.

I drew it with my fabulous souvenir Getty Center pen with blue ink. The eyes are too close together for my taste as I've stated earlier that I like to draw wide set eyes to make the drawings look cuter.

Okay, that's it for today. Bon débarras, Jaime! That means "good riddance" in French. No, I really shouldn't say that. What I should say is "Je suis désolée. Je te demande pardon." That means "I'm sorry. I ask for your forgiveness." Ah well, it's water under the bridge.

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