Thursday, March 20, 2014

Face-a-Day, Japanese Girl in Red Kimono With Green Obi

I like drawing traditional cultural outfits. They have a variety of color and lines depending on the country or culture.

This was drawn with a Micron pen, watercolor, and Conté pastel pencils on colored paper.

Yesterday, I didn't put the cap on good for my Dr. Ph. Martin's Ultra Blue ink because I didn't want to keep unscrewing the top to re-ink my croquil nib. I just twisted it on lightly so that I could untwist it with one hand as I held the pen in the other hand. I don't dip it because the ink gets all over the sides of the pen. I just put a drop of ink from the dropper onto the nib. 

So, guess what? I knocked over the bottle without realizing it and the ink spilled on the table. Almost the whole bottle, gone. Or if you're optimistic, you would say that I still have 1/8 of the ink left. Maybe the universe is telling me I need to use something different.

It must've been lying there for over a minute before I noticed it or else I could've picked it up in time to save some of the ink. Oh well. I'm going to try drawing in green or something else later. 

Of course, there's always black or brown which I have a lot of, but sometimes that gets boring. Some days, you just need to see color, you know? Color makes my sketch book look more interesting.

On a good note, my husband gave me his black bound, square shaped sketchbook today. I saw it and picked it up saying, "Oh, wow, is this yours or mine?" He said, "It's mine, but you can have it." He only drew on one page which he didn't want. He's worse than I am when it comes to completing sketch books. I am determined to finish another sketch book this year, though!

I am past the halfway mark on my Faces sketchbook, thanks to this blog. Whoo-hoo! I am getting tired of my Moleskine sketchbook, but I mustn't stray too far from it or else I won't finish it this year.

You know what I feel like drawing on? I really feel like drawing in black Prismacolor on brown paper bag type paper. Fashion drawings. If I can pull it off. Stay tuned. Not tomorrow, but soon.

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