Friday, March 07, 2014

Face-a-Day, Squeeze and Wink

I finally finished a sketchbook! I started it in 2008, though. Lame. I can’t believe it took me this long to fill it. Some of the drawings feel like I just drew them 2 months ago. 

When I put it on my bookshelf I found other sketchbooks I started but didn’t finish. I started a pile of sketchbooks that I need to fill. Like a “to do” list. Then I went around the house looking for more sketchbooks. I found over 10 sketchbooks that I started but didn’t finish!   O_O  Unbelievable!
I need to get cracking on the drawing this year. Ru Paul is saying in my ear, “You betta work!”

I like to buy different sketchbooks. That’s part of the problem. Ones with pretty covers, ones that can hold watercolor, ones that have brown paper, and ones that have paper with a texture to them. 
If the paper is white, I like to draw in black ink.
If the paper is brown, I like to draw with a black prismacolor pencil and add white highlights.
If the paper is a creme color, then brown ink or charcoal pencil looks nice on it.

I stopped drawing regularly 4 years ago when my dad died. Now that I started it up again, I’m drawing with a more “I don’t care” attitude. The drawings tend to come out better that way. 

In 2 weeks, it will be the anniversary of my dad’s passing. I don’t know what was triggered in me to make me stop drawing the day he died. Anyway, it’s nice to be drawing again.

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