Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Face-a-Day, Fit Girl

I drew this one with Waterman's black ink and the stick you see in the second picture above. I've had this stick since forever, but never used it until now. I hate it. The tip broke off because I was scraping the dried ink off the bottom of another bottle with it. I decided to use it anyway. Bad idea. The line was too thick. 

I drew another drawing before this one that turned out so horribly ugly that I decided not to post it.

My husband always says, "It's not the tool that makes a good drawing. It's the artist." Well, I went up to him with this stick and said, "It IS the tool!"

I agree that a nice tool doesn't necessarily make a good drawing, but it does help tremendously.

And now that I see these pictures next to each other, I realize how much my scanner or my scanning software sucks. It's blurry! My iPhone photo on the right is clearer. Now that is a switch.

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