Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Face-a-Day, Flower Power

I'm starting to feel the pressure of drawing a face per day, haha. I've got to keep going. This is only the second month! Geez.

My cousin, Matthew, spent $260 on comic books at the Wondercon last weekend. He's the only one I know who actually buys comics at the comic convention. At dinner on Sun., he told me that there was the Archie/zombie comic book for sale at a cheaper price at the Con. If I had know that, I would've bought it. I've been looking for that one.

I was talking to a lady on Sat. at the Con who told me she used to read the Archie and Richie Rich comics. I never see Richie Rich comics anymore, but I've seen the new revamped Archie comics at the comic shop. They are the size of magazines now. I heard they might be doing more mash-ups. I thought I heard they were going to do or did an Archie/Punisher mash-up. That would be cool to read.

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