Friday, April 25, 2014

Face-a-Day, How You Feel At The DMV

I'm taking advantage of my little blue sketchbook with the drawings of the lighthouse and the boats on the cover. That's actually a good idea. I should draw on some of my sketchbook covers. There used to be a little bookstore that sold sketchbooks with canvas covers. You could paint on the cover. I've never seen it anywhere but there and I really should have bought it then because now the store is gone. I guess I could gesso any old sketchbook, but those covers were canvas. Woulda coulda shoulda. Oh well.

I put stickers on some of my covers just to use them. My kids get a lot of stickers and really, what are they supposed to do with them? They put them on their shirts sometimes, but I tell them to take them off before they throw them in the hamper or else their shirts will get ruined in the wash. They put some on the dresser which I kind of cringed at because that dresser was pretty nice and expensive. Now there are so many stickers on there it doesn't matter.

I drew this with ink and Prismacolor while listening to the guys at Darkness Radio talk about the haunted Welles house.

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