Saturday, April 19, 2014

Face-a-Day, If Looks Could Kill

This girl is seriously annoyed. 

I haven't really drawn this expression before and I think I couldv'e done better, but I think I got the feeling across.

I drew it with my trusty rusty Getty Center souvenir pen and Prismacolor pencils. Remember when Steve from Blue's Clues used to say "trusty rusty?" I really liked him. He was good on that show.

My eyes are red, puffy, and gooey today. I hope it's just allergies from my dog or something and not pink eye. Ew. I can't even tell if the allergy medicine is working. As they say in that Twilight Zone episode with the masks, "No change." 

If it's pink eye, I probably got it from the gym. Nice. I was rolling around on the dirty mats in Women's Self Defense class last night. I might've gotten it from wiping sweat out of my eyes after touching the mat. However, it doesn't look as bad as the online photos of pink eye, so I'm hoping it's just allergies. I went to sleep with my makeup on last night, too, so that was probably a factor. Can't do that anymore.

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