Saturday, April 26, 2014

Face-a-Day, What Usually Happens When You Gamble

It's scary starting a drawing like this because I'm so used to drawing the frontal view of a person. I get an uneasy feeling that it's not going to turn out right. I'm out of my comfort zone so to speak.

I found an artist on Flickr named Pascal who draws scenes of his life in his sketchbook. Like a true sketch journal. It's fascinating. He'll draw a car with his family in it going on an outing, food that he was about to eat, a woman talking to herself in a foreign language, a funny conversation he had with someone about Korean carrots that you buy at a Russian grocery store...stuff like that. It's sort of like a comic book with snippets of scenes drawn in squares and rectangles or even without a box. 

I really want to do something like that, but I don't know if I can. Number one, I don't know if I can do quick drawings of scenes like that. Number two, I don't know if I can find interesting things to draw or write about. Maybe I'll give it a shot in one of my "new" sketchbooks that I bought ages ago. 

If it turns out fun or interesting, I would like to start a Wordpress blog and post them there. I have been wanting to start a Wordpress blog for a while, but had no reason to do so. This might be a good reason. But, then again, I can just as easily post them here. I just read that Google can delete your blog for any reason, but that can't be done with Wordpress. Plus, sometimes I find good Wordpress blogs that I want to comment on, but that only allow Wordpress members to post.

Ah well, too many projects, too little time.

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