Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Next Sketchbooks

These are 4 of the sketchbooks that I bought years ago and never filled. I've drawn in all of them except for the one in the lower right corner. I plan on using these next.

The first one on the upper left is from Walsers in Torrance. I bought it because another artist told me that the pages take water pretty well. We'll see. Since then, Moleskines have become popular and those take water pretty well, too. I'm thinking the Moleskines are better for watercolor, but I like the size of the one from Walsers. I like the cover, too.

The one on the upper right has a cream colored paper which goes well with brown ink or chalk.

The little blue one on the lower right is good for ink drawings because it just contains bond paper. It's perfect for the Micron pen or Pentel Color brush pen drawings I do. 

I'm already past halfway done with the red one. I bought it because of its shape and the cool texture of the cover which you can't see in the photo. Also because it lays flat when you open it so it's easier to draw in. It's good for landscapes, but I never draw landscapes in it. I have a bunch of doodles and ideas for various things like children's books, art pieces, t-shirt designs, book covers, etc. in it.

This is the first year in my life where I finished filling two sketchbooks! I'm shooting for a third.

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