Friday, April 11, 2014

Work in Progress for face-a-day

This is a work in progress. I decided to use my Bombay waterproof inks on this one because I plan to go over the hair with Dr. Ph. Martin inks and I don't want them to bleed together. The problem is, I have another drawing on the other side of the paper and I don't want the Martin inks to bleed through. :o(  D'ah! I might have to use prismacolor pencils. I'll decide when I get there. 

I haven't used the Bombay inks in YEARS. I hated them, but now they are my friends again. As long as I clean them off the pen nibs right away after using them, I'm good.

I have 4 more pages left in this Moleskine sketchbook! Wahoo! I'm ready for something new. I need larger paper as you can see. No more crease down the middle.

I think I'm in a good mood because I've been reading Jerry's Spinelli's books Milkweed, Stargirl, and now Maniac Magee. He has become one of my new favorite authors.

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