Friday, May 09, 2014

Face-a-Day, Exhausted Me

Feeling really tired after a good workout. I am trying not to fall asleep before I can post this. 

My workouts this week have been pretty light and after a weekend of ice cream sundaes I gained 2 lbs. I can feel it and see it around my waist. The scale was not my friend today. 

But, tonight I did a great cardio routine kicking and punching the heavy bag, but now my knees are swollen and feeling bruised. Take that, bag! Ha! We got new bags at the gym and they are pretty hard. Then I lifted some weights and accidentally dropped a weight on my hand. It wasn't bad, but there was a tiny bit of blood. The funny thing is, my friend, Christina, gave me a box of band-aids after our workout and she didn't even know I had a cut on my hand. It was just random.

Earlier today, I discovered that my ear was sore and that there were a couple of cuts behind it. I felt something wet behind my ear and it was blood. It was from the self defense class I had. The coach is a mixed martial arts fighter and since I was the "odd man out" she was my partner. She is a lot stronger than she looks. We learned some great moves from her last night.

People at the gym seem to always have an injury or a surgery that they went through or are about to go through. I just laugh at it now. It seems like almost everyone at the gym has had a messed up knee, shoulder, or wrist. And/or had surgery for it. Those doctors who practice sports medicine must make killing!

Okay, I have to get some sleep now. Ciao.

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