Saturday, May 10, 2014

Face-a-Day, Lucille

I recently watched A Monster in Paris (Un Monstre à Paris) and I really liked the model for Lucille which, I'm sure, was based on one of my favorite French singers, Vanessa Paradis. As soon as I heard her sing in the movie, I knew it was her. Then I noticed the gap in her teeth which the singer/actress has. It's very cute. Vanessa used to be the long-term girlfriend of Johnny Depp and, I believe, they have kids together. She was a child star and used to model for Chanel.

This drawing was inspired by the CG model. I changed a few things like her hair and her lips, but what  really drew me to this look was they way they did her eyes. I like the shape and the "makeup" they put on her. I really should have drawn the hair better, but I suck at drawing hair.

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