Thursday, May 08, 2014

Illustration Friday - Revenge

Timmy is playing too much Clash of Clans.

Actually, I'm the one playing too much Clash of Clans. When I read that the word of the week was "Revenge" all I could think of was that "Revenge" button on Clash of Clans. 

I didn't want to play this game but I slowly got addicted to it. It all started when I took the video games away from my kids because they were too concerned with playing this game instead of doing their homework. Then I felt bad, so I would keep the game open while I wrote during the day and collect coins and elixir for them. Plus, if you keep the game open, no one can raid your village and take your coins and elixir.

Then I started training their troops for them, getting rid of trees to gain them gems, and upgrading their town hall, canons, elixir and coin storages, etc. I would ask them what was important in the game so I could help them while they were at school. One of my sons had 2 villages, so I ended up taking over the second one. Now I'm in a clan and my son is the clan leader. Haha! I'm stuck with the name "soul reaper" which is what my son set it up as. When my husband found out, he said, "Your name is Soul Reaper?!" Yeah, like I actually chose that name for myself. Gimme a break.

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