Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Illustration Friday - Voyage

This was drawn in my teeny tiny Moleskine sketchbook that I keep in my purse. I am really tired of drawing small, but this size is convenient for travel. Ha! No pun intended. I did the drawing while I was out and about during the weekend, then painted it last night.

I see a lot of images that I want to draw and write about while I'm out. Like yesterday, I went to an Indian restaurant for lunch with my husband. It's also an Indian grocery store. We usually go to another Indian restaurant, but that one was closed. I had wanted to try out this place, anyway. 

The waiter would've been an interesting person to draw. He had flour on both ears and on his clothes.

Also, there were two older Chinese women that came in who would've been interesting to draw. One had a plastic bag over her head to cover wet hair color. I said, "What?! She just up and left with hair color in her hair?" I know that stuff is supposed to be washed out in 20 min. I guess she was in the area... Guess what they bought? Hair color! lol FIVE BOXES of hair color. At first I thought they messed up, but she had short hair, so they would've only needed 1 box. Like I said, "Interesting." My husband took a picture of her so I could draw her later. 

I want to start a new blog where I draw out bits and pieces of my everyday life. Weird stuff I see like that. Or just stuff I see and observe. 

There was a guy sitting at a table nearby. There were 2 glasses of water at his table, so I figured he was waiting for someone. He was dressed in an expensive business suit. He seemed to have been waiting for a while. This lady in a short red skirt walked up and he looked happy to see her. Maybe he thought she was going to stand him up. I was thinking, "She's late." Then she turned her head and I saw that she was pretty. I thought, "Oh, he's okay with her being late because she's pretty. He's glad she showed up." I took a stealthy picture of them so I can draw them later. Haha. I'm probably totally wrong. They might've just been there for a simple business lunch.

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Ellen Byrne said...

This is darling!