Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bombay Pen Cleaner

Today I decided to use the Bombay Pen Cleaner that I bought last year for like $2.95. I wanted to use my cartridge fountain pens, but a couple of them were dried out and not working. There were no instructions on how to use this cleaner and I couldn't find any online. All I found was a blurb saying that it can be used to dip or soak. Oooh, such detail.

So, what I did was soak the tip of one pen for 10 minutes in the solution.
I rinsed it out with water afterward and put a new cartridge in it. I tested it out and the ink seemed to flow pretty smoothly. This one is a calligraphy pen. I plan on using this for my face-a-day drawing tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn out well enough to post. Fingers crossed.

For the other pen, I just put a few drops of solution on the tip and rinsed it out. It worked, but the flow wasn't the best it could be. I used it on the Korean Girl drawing I just posted.

I'm not sure if the solution is better than just soaking the tip in water for a few minutes. We'll see when I draw with the calligraphy pen tomorrow.

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