Monday, June 16, 2014

Face-a-day, Al

I recently went to Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. Man, that is such an awesome store! I was in there for over an hour. Probably close to 2 hours. The area was a little seedy, a little creepy, but worth going to. My son was freaked out by all the graffiti leading from the parking garage into the store. We had just watched The Adventures in Babysitting movie the night before, so the kids were afraid of the city and the homeless people. There were a couple of ladies hanging out a block away from the store. I couldn't tell if they were hookers or just skanks. A group of guys were hanging out across the street looking at them or maybe looking for trouble. Not the greatest neighborhood to be in at night I'm sure.

Anyway, I was looking for CDs of French and Rai music. A lot of them were only $4. I got about 6. Since it was my birthday, my husband bought them for me even though I was going to use my birthday money. When I got home, I put the songs on my iPod and was happy with all of them. It's hit and miss. Sometimes I end up with music I don't like.

I was a little on the fence about Saïan Supa Crew. It was way too much rap for my taste, but the lyrics were great. When I got to track 14, their sound grew on me. I ended up liking the album and I'm really glad I chose it. For some reason, I thought they were the band that sang, "J'ai Le Complexe de Corn Flakes." I'm probably way off on that one. In fact, that song isn't hip hop at all. 

Amoeba has t-shirts, books, and even vinyl (gasp!) records. I was shocked to see New Vinyl Listening Stations there. NEW VINYL. New?! They still make them?! Wow. That's just crazy. 

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