Friday, June 27, 2014

Face-a-day - Les Lunettes Rouges

I just thought I'd add a little color to your day. This was done with ink and Prismacolor pencils.

This weekend, a friend of ours, James Moontasri, is fighting in the UFC. He coached our kids for three years in mixed martial arts and has been dreaming of getting a contract with the UFC for years. His dream came true when he got the contract 2 or 3 weeks ago. Not a lot of time to prepare for the fight, but I would bet he is ready. He has worked hard with some of the top fighters in the UFC and deserves it. 

His story gives me hope that one day my dream to become a best-selling author will come true, too. I just need to work hard at it. Hopefully, it will happen for you, too in whatever career you choose.

Anyway, please send James good vibes to win his fight tomorrow.

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