Thursday, June 05, 2014

Face-a-day, Model Dead Girl

After I took a picture of this, this girl looked like she was dead so I call this piece "Model Dead Girl." Haha It kind of reminds me of those Victorian pictures that people took of their dead children. They have the same look on their faces as this girl does.

I recently heard about this and saw some of those photos. They made me feel nauseous. Literally sick to my stomach to look at them. If you look at the pictures closely, you can tell the kids are dead. Look up "Victorian death photos" or something like that online and you'll see these photos. People, often rich people, had pictures taken of their dead children because that was the last and maybe only photo of them they would ever have. They are dressed up and propped up to look like they are still alive. It's sad and very creepy.

I have a book of Victorian photos of children in their fancy outfits that I use to draw from sometimes for their costumes. I had to look at it again to see if the children were actually dead. Whew! Thank God they weren't. It makes me kinda sick just to think of drawing from it again, though. 

I actually did draw one of the death photos because I liked the outfit or something. When I looked at the drawing, I felt sick again and thought, why did I do that? I just drew a dead kid.

Anyway, the photo below was taken in the perspective of where I was as I drew this. It's a weird angle to begin with.

This was done with Prismacolor pencils on colored paper. These photos are much darker than the actual drawing.

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