Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Face-a-day - Alexandra Blue

I'm a bit late with this post today. I had a bad reaction to gluten which put me out for hours, so I didn't feel like drawing. Strangely, I felt better after taking a Gluten-Ease pill and a Probiotic pill that had like a 50 billion count or something. My husband takes probiotics for his stomach problems. I thought it wouldn't hurt to take since I was feeling miserable anyway. I was feeling better within a half hour. Still in pain, but there was a significant improvement. 

Gluten brings on fatigue for some people. It never had for me before, but this time I got really tired and was still tired after I woke up.

Anyway, about this drawing/painting. The colors got muddy because of the underpainting. It probably would've looked better without the underpainting. Oh well. I'm still experimenting.

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