Friday, August 29, 2014

Face-a-day - Chinese Girl With Headdress

Okay, getting close to Tibet, but not quite. This girl is from China. I'll get to it eventually. 

I never know what I'm going to draw from one day to the next because it all depends on my mood. I think I want to draw more black-eyed kids. I was thinking about them the other night when I was in the back yard with my dog. Not a good time to be thinking about them, by the way. I was creeping myself out thinking they were going to appear suddenly behind me. I brought the dog in and was wiping her paws next to the screen door, still half-expecting them to knock on the screen door saying, "Will you let us in?" Go away you creepy black-eyed freaks! Why doesn't anybody ever say that to them? Or maybe they have and have not lived to tell the tale. Yeesh.

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