Saturday, August 02, 2014

Face-a-day - Jerk

I really didn't feel like drawing today and it shows. Sometimes you have to just force yourself. 

This guy ended up looking like a pencil neck jerk. His neck was actually skinny, so I had to draw it that way, but this is not the expression I was going for. It was supposed to be a funny face on someone who looks like a nice guy. 

Maybe it's reflective of the mood I'm in. It's 1am, so I'm tired and would rather be sleeping instead of drawing. I probably won't have time to do another drawing later, so I did it now, just in case.

I have a drawing/painting in mind that I want to do, but now is not the time. It looks really good in my head. lol We'll see how it turns out once I get around to creating it. It's be one of my "pretty" drawings. Not my silly facial expressions.

I'm hungry right now and thinking about the chocolate covered bacon they sell at the OC Fair. Too bad I'm not going there this year. Haha! That is so not good for me!

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