Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Face-a-Day - Kristina Version 3

Okay, I like this version better than yesterday's version. The mark-making was a little looser and scratchier which I liked. I made her eyes more expressive, too which is my thing. Love expressive eyes. By the way, I've been using graphite pencil and watercolor pencil on these Kristina drawings. The intention was to go over it with a wet paintbrush to get some splotchy marks down, but I decided not to do that with this one.

Christina was my Spanish name given to me by my old Spanish teacher in junior high. She gave everyone in the class Spanish names. Maybe it was because she couldn't pronounce our names. My friend Audra became Aurora. lol It was quite amusing and we still remember it to this day! They could be our code names if we ever became spies.

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