Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Face-a-Day - Agafia

I have been thinking about this woman, Agafia Lykov, living as a hermit in the Siberian forest. In some ways, it's not such a bad idea being a hermit out there. She never has to pay taxes, worry about someone breaking into her house, catching diseases from other people, etc. The air she breathes is fresh, the water clean, and the food untainted with pesticides. I admire her and wish I could be self-sufficient like that, but I can't live without electricity, toilet paper, indoor plumbing, chocolate, my cell phone (especially playing Clash of Clans on it), restaurants, music, and access to an unlimited amount of books. And how would I find enough paper to draw on?

She's my obsession of the day, so I just had to draw her. Maybe she'll be rich in her next life.

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