Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Face-a-Day - Miserable Pirate

I actually like the way this one came out. It reminds me of a comic book style pirate.

I just cut a bunch of pieces off of my Kraft paper roll to do more drawings on them. For some reason I draw really fast when I use the Kraft paper. The surface is slick. 

By chance, I found the very first set of Prismacolor pencils I ever owned today while I was looking for something else. Doesn't that always seem to be the case? Lucky for me, Prismacolor works great on Kraft paper. I used to HATE Prismacolor pencils when I was studying to be an illustrator in college. I hated that I couldn't erase them and I hated the way they looked on illustration board. All that white space underneath made me think of crayons in a coloring book. Not that I don't like crayons. I just wish they were more opaque on the page. These days I have a better idea how to use Prismacolor pencils and I don't have to erase as much. We are chums now.

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