Monday, October 13, 2014

Face-a-Day - Pippi Scribble

We have lots of things to do this month with Halloween coming up. It's going to be a challenge to draw every day. My son and I were up late painting his Godzilla costume for Halloween. The costume came in green, so we painted half of it black. I need to work on the other half today if I can find the time.

My husband and our other son were working on a Batman costume which is nowhere near done. 

I am going to be Mothra. We haven't even started on that one yet.

My husband is going to be Batman Beyond. That isn't done either. 

Instead of working on our costumes on Saturday, we took advantage of what was probably the last really hot weekend to go to the beach. We had a blast and the kids got to see their first sand crab. I didn't know that sand crabs actually run backwards. What I thought was their rear end is actually their head. Weird.

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