Sunday, November 09, 2014

Face-a-Day - Man With Clown Hair

There are some people I see that I just have to draw. This guy is one of them. That expression! The eyes and the glasses. The bulbous nose. Downturned mouth. Rectangular head and neck that just melds into each other. And of course, the hair!

Some people are just walking caricatures. Sometimes my husband has to remind me that I'm staring, but I'm memorizing their faces for a future date.

There was an old guy with a fuzzy beard sitting down at Comikaze. I wanted to take his profile picture, but it would've been creepy if I did because he wasn't dressed in a costume. I had no excuse to ask him for a picture.

I took a bunch of pictures of a couple of guys dressed in steampunk and Dr. Who. I took close-ups, profile pictures, 3/4 poses, and a full body pose. They must've thought I was weird, but I hope I get some good drawings from them. lol

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