Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Isabelle Arsenault - Illustrator

When I check out books for my kids from the library, I sometimes will check out ones solely because I like the illustrations. If I really, really like the illustrations, I will take pictures of a few for reference and inspiration. I recently went through the old photos in my phone. I came across illustrations that I love, but forgot to note the artist. By chance, I found her work online. Her name is Isabelle Arsenault and the book is called Migrant. Here is a link to her online portfolio:

I like the way she draws people, her use of color, and her line patterns. In her portfolio, my favorite is the one of a girl looking up at birds flying by.

I especially like the illustrations in the book Migrant. Check it out from the library if you can.

Here is an example:

Isn't it beautiful?

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