Saturday, December 13, 2014

Face-a-Day - Kevin's Bro

This guy reminds me of the actor/comedian Kevin James for some reason. I like Kevin James. Even though I hate comedies, I think he's a funny guy. I liked him in Here Comes The Boom. My family is into MMA, so we actually watched the movie to see Bas Rutten, but we liked Kevin in it, too. It was fun seeing all the UFC cameos in it, too.

For this drawing I used a brown Pilot Razor Point Extra Fine pen. As soon as I put a line down, I knew I didn't choose wisely. This pen would probably be better for doing cartoony drawings, not face drawings. Even though it's extra fine, the point is too thick and too uniform for my taste. I'll try using it again for drawing, but it's close to being retired and used for signing my kids' homework.

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