Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My New Art Supplies

Over the weekend, my husband bought me these new goodies. Two regular sketchbooks with white paper, one sketchbook with toned gray paper so I can use black and white pencils, Yasutomo Pearlescent watercolors, and a Schaeffer rollerball pen. I ordered an ACME refill for the pen because the sample they had at the store was super smooth with a fine tip. They didn't have black at the store, so I had to order it on my own. The one it came with has a thicker tip so it's hard to get fine details with it. I am anxious for the refills to arrive. Meanwhile I'm trying to use up the ink in the one I have, but I'm getting nothing but bad drawings.

Below is a close-up of the Yasutomo Pearlescent paints. I envision using them for fashion illustration or face drawings. I hope they turn out as good as I imagine them to be. 

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