Sunday, April 26, 2015

Painted Pages in Sketchbooks


I'm very excited to have about 5 pages left on each of these sketchbooks. I think I started them in the middle to the end of last year. They are Moleskine sketchbooks which have paper that is thick enough to take paint. 

I've taken to coloring the pages before I draw on them to make them more interesting. I started off using watercolor in the sketchbooks, but have switched to gouache because the colors are thicker and more opaque. 

I have tubes from when I was in college! I used to hate gouache with a passion, but now I love them. Some of the paints have dried up in the tube, but I don't have the heart to throw them out. There is a brilliant green that I thought was hideous in college. I stuck a wet brush in the dried tube and it worked fine. I love the color now. 

Back then I didn't know how to use gouache effectively. Now I have a better handle on and knowledge of paint, so it's like an evil child that I've come to love.

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