Monday, May 04, 2015

Morning Glory and Kinokuniya

Over the weekend, my husband bought me a bunch of goodies from Kinokuniya and Morning Glory. I have never been into Morning Glory which is like a Sanrio store in a lot of malls. They have a lot of super cute stuff for cheap. Kinokuniya always has cool, cute stuff, but they're not cheap.
This is a cute lined yellow notebook that was at Morning Glory for $2.

This is a Moleskine lined notebook that was at Kinokuniya for $20.95. It is Le Petit Prince from the children's book of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

This is a Moleskine sketchbook that was at Kinokuniya for $20.95.
This is a sketchbook from Morning Glory. $4  It's about 5"x7". The pages are pretty thick. Thicker than regular bond paper.

I probably spent an hour in Morning Glory looking at all the cool pens, pencils, erasers, and pencil cases. My husband said I was in there for an hour and a half, but I think he's exaggerating.
These tools were $2 each. I will describe each one in numerical order from the top.

1. This is a pen and pencil in one. Nice if you want to bring just one tool to draw with. I has an eraser on the end.
2. Pencil with a thick lead like they use in drafting. You push the end to release the graphite lead. As with drafting pencils, you need to sharpen the tip if you want a fine point.
3. This a pen I have never seen before. It has red, blue, green, and black ink, BUT the black ink has 3 different widths. You can choose between 0.5, 0.7., or 1.0. Nice.
4. This polka dotted ballpoint pen has a fine tip which is the type of pen I like to draw with.
5. This pen is actually from Kinokuniya, not Morning Glory. It has a fine ballpoint tip and has a good quality feel to it. It's purple even though it looks blue in the photo. The ink is black. $6.95.
6. This little pencil is also from Kinikuniya. It's a mechanical pencil, but is wooden like a traditional pencil. $6.95.
7. This green pen has green erasable ink! It's a Frixion.
8. This is a pencil with a flat tip like a carpenter's pencil. You can buy the refills at Morning Glory as well. It says Bonjour Mustache on it. I guess it's a brand name because they have a lot of items with that mustache on them.

I didn't get any erasers or pencil cases, but maybe next time.

Okay, I'm off to get creative now!

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