Monday, November 09, 2015

Baby Caesar, Superhero

This is the first page of a new sketchbook I just started. I wanted to start off with something in color which I decided to do a lot of this year. That is, adding a lot of color to my artwork. Baby Caesar is one of the characters in a children's picture book I'm working on. In this sketchbook, I want to draw my characters in different settings just for practice.

And yay! I finished a sketchbook over the weekend that was from Colonial Williamsburg. My sister-in-law bought it for me when she was in the area on a business trip. It surprisingly has good paper in it that was able to take watercolor and ink pretty well. It was just the right size to take around with me outside the house. 

I have a big sketchbook that I took out with me yesterday to draw in. Since it was so big, I had to put it in a bigger bag (free from Viz Media with a drawing of Naruto on the side. Thanks, Viz!). It might've been my imagination, but I felt like the clerks at the comic shop I was in were eyeing me suspiciously for fear I would covertly slip some comic books in there. While in the restaurant next door, I took out the sketchbook to draw in. It's not small enough to be inconspicuous--or again, maybe it was my imagination--and I felt like it drew attention. No pun intended. So, I started this small sketchbook which is a third of the size of the other one. I will either stop being a wimp and carry the big sketchbook out or just use the little one. Depends on my mood and the situation, I guess.

Happy trails!

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