Monday, November 23, 2015

Fashion Illo - Women in Coats

A friend recently sent me a link to a video of a guy opening his Moleskine sketchbook to each drawn page. He had cutouts of windows through which you could see the drawing on the next page, like a children's picture book.  It's a great idea. The video on YouTube is called La Metamorfosis de Kafka by Manuel Marsol. I would love to do a video like that!

I've been meaning to do a sketch journal with a lot of written words around the drawings like he did, but I haven't gotten around to it. Partly because I haven't found the courage to do it yet.  Or the time.

Speaking of courage, I've been reading Lynda Barry's comic book, "One Hundred Demons." She draws out, in comic book form, her regrets in life, her sorrows, her happiness, her childhood... The good and the bad. The drawings aren't the most skilled, but they are fascinating. There is life to them. What is more important are the words. She melds the drawing and the writing together very nicely. The pages are filled with color and words. There is so much to look at...and think about.

I'm not ready to spill out the regrets or trauma in my life to the world like Lynda Barry, but I am thinking about creating a sketch journal about the funny, scary, and informative things that I've heard and experienced in life. About my family. My travels. Living in France. One thing at a time.

Stay tuned...

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