Saturday, September 17, 2016

Older Woman in Bathing Suit

I was shown how to simplify my drawings, so here is one of my practice ones. It's not second nature for me to draw like this. I have to make a point to do it. I like it, though. I need to do about a hundred more drawings like this.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Portrait of Kaleo in Gi (red col-erase)

He modeled for 2 different classes, so I got several drawings of him. It kind of looks like him and kind of doesn't. Some people liked it, though. What I like about col-erase is that you can draw lightly, then layer it to get darker, and of course it erases.

I watched the tutorials for Clip Studio Paint Pro and it's awesome! It can do so much! Now I'm wondering if I should do a more elaborate comic than the simple, quick drawings I was planning on doing. My goals were set to doing comics like Lincoln Peirce, Lynda Barry, and Kek Zanorg. Now I'm thinking they need to look slightly more involved like Nana, Death Note, or Naruto. I don't want it to look too real because that takes too much time and, frankly for me, it's boring. Now, Tony Sandoval's graphic novels are what I like! Yeah, I could strive for that. I'll have to see what Clip Studio Paint Ex can do with that type of drawing.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Haylie in blue pencil

As I was saying yesterday, it's hard for me to get a likeness of someone. This is a second drawing of Haylie. She looks like a different person. I like the drawing, but it doesn't look like her.

I'm working on sketches for a Peanuts Halloween art show. I might as well since I cut the bottom of my foot and can't drive anywhere. My dog wanted me to throw the ball for her to fetch this morning, but I didn't want to get my hands dirty, so I kicked it. It was right next to my heavy duty metal art easel. I kicked the ball, but also kicked the base of the easel and sliced my foot. Plans of going to the gym and the dojo are out the window now. It's probably meant to be because now I have more time to work.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Portrait of Bodhi in his gi

I draw pretty good faces, but nine times out of ten, they don't look like the person I'm drawing. When drawing in a classroom setting, I noticed that people don't care much if you get the likeness right. If it is a pretty drawing, they will rave about it. Some people draw beautiful faces, but they don't look anything like the model. Everyone oohs and aahs and the model loves their portrait. To get a likeness takes a lot more time. Hours even.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Haylie - ink

We had to go to 4 funerals within the first 5 months of this year which is a record for us. Our friends also had family members passing away in their 40s and younger. Even celebrities were dying. It was such a sad, depressing first half of the year. I started to gain weight and had to lose it again so that I could fit in my funeral attire. The year continued to get bad with a series of plumbing problems that took several weeks to fix. One thing after another started leaking. My family saw a tall, slim, hairless entity in our house where most of the plumbing problems were occurring. The house had to be blessed 3 times. Then the sprinklers outside and the pipe under the lawn broke. We're still sort of dealing with that, but it should be fixed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Now things are turning around. I sold a painting in a gallery and my sketchbook went on a U.S. tour. I started going to drawing workshops regularly and met a lot of new people who are like-minded. I made some great new friendships with some girls at the gym. One is a writer and another is an artist. My writer friend is modeling for the portrait workshop today. I've gotten several friends from the gym to model. I'm like a booking agent for models. Hahaha! It's nice to have a lot of friends at the gym.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bodhi in Gi

Inktober is coming up next month. Anybody who has a social media account can participate. All you do is draw something in ink and post it to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social media platform you prefer. There is no cost. I did it last year and was surprised at how many people enjoyed seeing my drawings posted every day. I'm not sure if I want to stick with a theme this year or just do random drawings. I'll probably try to do a theme, but with the lack of time will probably just post whatever I can draw quickly. A Halloween theme would be good since it's October, but I'm thinking of doing a Gibson girl theme.

I heard that Manga Studio 5 was a good software program for artists including comic book artists. The newer version is called Clip Studio Paint Ex and is touted to be better and cheaper than Photoshop. It's on sale at Smith Micro right now. I downloaded it last night, but haven't watched any tutorials on how to use it yet. I'm very excited to use it for my comics and emojis. I normally don't like digital art. I don't like the fuzzy edges they make. I take one look at that artwork and move on to the next image. I hate it. Maybe I'll get used to it and turn to the dark side once I learn how to use this program.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jewel - Drawing


This is another drawing of my friend, Jewel. This was done in Col-erase pencil. It was so nice of her to model for the class. I have gotten a lot of my friends to model for these art classes. I messed up drawings of two of my friends. Kind of embarrassing. Oh, the pressure! The ones I did of Jewel came out nice, though.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Jewel - watercolor


My friend, Jewel, was the model for the drawing workshop yesterday. I got a couple of good drawings of her, so it was a pretty good session. I'm not good at getting a likeness, so it doesn't look exactly like her, but I like the way it turned out anyway. I'll post the other one tomorrow.

I made a new friend at the gym named Brittney and found out that she likes to draw, too, so I told her about this workshop. She showed up yesterday and loved it. When she was younger, she got accepted to Otis Parsons which is a reputable art school. She couldn't afford to go, so she ended up not going. It's so sad. Now she has a chance to draw again.