Friday, March 18, 2016

Paranormal art show roughs

The deadline for a paranormal art show is breathing down my neck. These were a few ideas that I brainstormed for the show. 

1. Cute classic monsters
2. Cute, colorful Bride of Frankenstein
3. Cute black-eyed kids

I really like black-eyed-kids stories because they're so creepy, but I don't want a scary black-eyed-kids painting in my house. If I paint it, it has to sell or I have to paint a cute version of them.

I'm painting a more realistic girl with a UFO/alien theme. It looks too realistic for my taste right now, but my husband said, "Don't redo it! Finish it and submit it!" Geez, how did he know I was going to redo it? Scary how he knows me so well.

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