Friday, May 13, 2016

Life Drawing Workshop and Free Comic Book Day


I found a new life drawing workshop which was only $3 for 2 hours. The model was clothed. Maybe that was why it was so cheap. There was only one pose, so I drew some of the students. Most of the artists did painted portraits. I forgot to go yesterday because I was busy working on my picture book and sending story ideas for a graphic novel out to my friends.

We went to Free Comic Book Day last weekend. It was so fun! I missed out on a comic I wasn't able to get. We went to 3 comic book stores, but I still wasn't able get it. Oh well, I got a bunch of other good ones to read and study the drawings. I really liked the Archie one. We are going to Collector's Paradise in Pasadena tomorrow because they are having specials all month. If we get a stamp every Sat. this month, they are giving out the new Rebirth comic for free. Our kids love the Plants Vs. Zombies graphic novels. We bought 4 of them in the last month. My son just keeps reading them over and over again. I'll be happy if I can create at least one good graphic novel.

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