Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rocket Girl study

Last weekend, my local comic shop was selling comics by the pound. $2.50 for 1 lb. I should've gotten another pound worth because if I did, I would've been entered into a raffle and possibly gotten the whole lot for free. I was already taking advantage of their Buy One Graphic Novel, Get Another Graphic Novel Free deal, so I didn't want to spend too much. 

One of the comics-by-the-pound I got was Rocket Girl. I picked it for the drawings. I must've practiced drawing this angle ten times before I got to this version.

I got Guillaume Bianco's Billy Fog and the Gift of Trouble Sight graphic novel because I like the drawings. For the free one, I was torn between Disney Kingdoms' Seeker of the Weird and Tony Sandoval's Doomboy. I really wanted Doomboy, but I already had one of Sandoval's graphic novels so I put it back and got the Disney one. 

When I got home, I took the Sandoval one off the shelf to look at it. It's in French called (translation) The Cadaver and The Sofa. I bought it years ago for the illustrations and never read it even though I can read French. As I was looking at the illustrations, I decided to read it. It was so good that I read it all the way through! Wow! That really needs to be translated in English so more people can read it. It's about a boy who starts a romance with a girl who is visiting her dad for the summer. He finds the body of a boy that went missing a while ago. It's in a remote field. He shows the girl, but neither of them report it. I don't want to give anything away, but they bring a sofa she found over to the body. They hang out on that sofa and continue their romance while looking at the body and the landscape. You eventually find out how the boy died. There are some surreal werewolf scenes in the book as well.

I couldn't stop thinking about this book for a couple of days after I read it. It's a different sort of storytelling. Original and compelling. Now I wish I bought Doomboy instead of the Disney graphic novel. I looked for Sandoval's books on the digital library site, but only found one written in Spanish. My Spanish is really rusty, but I checked the book out anyway. I can understand about 70% of it. I'm hoping to get Doomboy eventually if the comic shop has another good sale.

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