Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Haylie - ink

We had to go to 4 funerals within the first 5 months of this year which is a record for us. Our friends also had family members passing away in their 40s and younger. Even celebrities were dying. It was such a sad, depressing first half of the year. I started to gain weight and had to lose it again so that I could fit in my funeral attire. The year continued to get bad with a series of plumbing problems that took several weeks to fix. One thing after another started leaking. My family saw a tall, slim, hairless entity in our house where most of the plumbing problems were occurring. The house had to be blessed 3 times. Then the sprinklers outside and the pipe under the lawn broke. We're still sort of dealing with that, but it should be fixed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Now things are turning around. I sold a painting in a gallery and my sketchbook went on a U.S. tour. I started going to drawing workshops regularly and met a lot of new people who are like-minded. I made some great new friendships with some girls at the gym. One is a writer and another is an artist. My writer friend is modeling for the portrait workshop today. I've gotten several friends from the gym to model. I'm like a booking agent for models. Hahaha! It's nice to have a lot of friends at the gym.

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