Friday, September 16, 2016

Portrait of Kaleo in Gi (red col-erase)

He modeled for 2 different classes, so I got several drawings of him. It kind of looks like him and kind of doesn't. Some people liked it, though. What I like about col-erase is that you can draw lightly, then layer it to get darker, and of course it erases.

I watched the tutorials for Clip Studio Paint Pro and it's awesome! It can do so much! Now I'm wondering if I should do a more elaborate comic than the simple, quick drawings I was planning on doing. My goals were set to doing comics like Lincoln Peirce, Lynda Barry, and Kek Zanorg. Now I'm thinking they need to look slightly more involved like Nana, Death Note, or Naruto. I don't want it to look too real because that takes too much time and, frankly for me, it's boring. Now, Tony Sandoval's graphic novels are what I like! Yeah, I could strive for that. I'll have to see what Clip Studio Paint Ex can do with that type of drawing.

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